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Instrument Donation

our program

We appreciate your generous spirit of giving.

There are only certain instruments that would benefit our program. Please read below.

instruments that we can not accept
  • Grand Pianos or Acoustic Upright of any size or condition
  • Any ‘novelty’ instrument
  • Any instrument in extremely poor condition and unable to be repaired
instruments that we accept
  • All Symphonic, Acoustic, or Electric string instruments
    • guitars
    • bass
    • banjo
    • violin
    • viola
    • ukulele
    • mandolins,
    • cello
    • double bass
  • Professional level keyboards, synthesizers, electronic pianos
  • ¬†Accessories Including amplifiers, PA, mixing, recording strings.
shipping and delivery
  • You can pay for shipping
  • We can pay for shipping
  • Local pick-up available

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